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Story Guide
January 11, 1999   $storyline = "Work and Print";
It all starts here, in front of a television.
January 20, 1999   $storyline = "Hopes and Dreams";
What do you want to be when you grow up?
February 1, 1999   $storyline = "Tripping Out";
Sure, the records are good. But it's just not the same unless you see them live.
February 15, 1999   $storyline = "Cultural Wastelands are Good";
Two characters on a couch watching television. It's the most original plot ever.
February 22, 1999   $storyline = "Video Games are Better";
Video games give so much, and ask so little in return, aside from the $60 a game.
March 1, 1999   $storyline = "Stand and Wait";
Bernie takes Sean on a tour of her workplace, and handles a work crisis with only a little bit of panic.
March 15, 1999   $storyline = "Too Dark to Read";
Sean is not a dog person.
April 5, 1999   $storyline = "No Stereotypes Week";
Jane crusades against stereotypes, in a special message to you, the reader.
April 12, 1999   $storyline = "Publish or Perish";
Who would've thought changing the world meant working on weekends?
May 3, 1999   $storyline = "Rarer Than Ever";
When the cable goes out, it's Sean that suffers the most.
May 24, 1999   $storyline = "Hunting and Gathering";
Cleanup in aisle seven.
June 14, 1999   $storyline = "Babes in Toyland";
Just the necessities of life: reading materials, filmed drama, edible panties.
June 28, 1999   $storyline = "Racing Rats";
Work harder, not smarter.
July 5, 1999   $storyline = "Cross Check";
Has your luggage been in your control at all times? Are you sure?
July 12, 1999   $storyline = "Going West";
The Bobbins crossover! Sean and Bernie have adventures in the land across the pond.
July 19, 1999   $storyline = "Back at the Ranch";
Don't think Jane has nothing to do just because Sean and Bernie are gone. Know it for a fact.
August 9, 1999   $storyline = "More Strips About Furniture and Food";
100% furniture shopping. 0% Talking Heads once you get past the title.
August 30, 1999   $storyline = "Branch Office";
Bernie and a new client clash over trees and tickets.
September 13, 1999   $storyline = "The Gig Is Up";
Remember, kids: don't drink and drink.
October 11, 1999   $storyline = "Work Buy Consume Die";
Focus groups are the backbone of the nation's economy.
October 25, 1999   $storyline = "Tenant Match";
They can't pay the rent! They must pay the rent!
November 15, 1999   $storyline = "Really Just Relax";
At a not-too-distant party, somewhere in time and space, Bernie shows off her latest purchase.
December 13, 1999   $storyline = "Pounding the Pavement";
Jane learns the facts about business life.
December 20, 1999   $storyline = "Hitting the Road";
Face it, Canada is funny.
January 10, 2000   $storyline = "Liquidity";
Sean learns the facts about business life. And ignores them all.
January 31, 2000   $name = "Wait Up";
Television journalism: oxymoron or contradiction? A very special When I Grow Up crossover.
February 7, 2000   $storyline = "Great Expectations";
February 13, 2000   $name = "Goodbye";
Charles Schulz: 1922-2000
February 14, 2000   $name = "Security Despot";
February 21, 2000   $name = "Doug's Totally True Toronto Trip Diary";
"So, what did you do on your winter vacation?" Doug fills time during a long-overdue holiday for Katrin.
February 28, 2000   $name = "Chocolate Eclair";
March 6, 2000   $name = "Earworm";
Jane gets a song stuck in her head. Whatever will she do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do?
March 13, 2000   $name = "For All The Others";
March 27, 2000   $name = "Booking";
April 3, 2000   $name = "Supply and Demand";
Caffeine isn't always a renewable resource.
April 24, 2000   $name = "The Product";
May 1, 2000   $name = "Like That";
But do you feel that way?
May 22, 2000   $name = "The Most Dangerous Game";
June 19, 2000   $name = "Cash and Carry";
July 3, 2000   $name = "Exit Poll";
July 17, 2000   $name = "Pass the Ketchup";
August 7, 2000   $name = "1D";
... And maaaany moooore.
August 28, 2000   $name = "Gapspotting";
Everybody in the exact same thing.
September 11, 2000   $name = "Higher Education";
Can there be any greater thing in life than the pursuit of learning? Yes. Yes there can.
September 18, 2000   $name = "Gettin' e-Busy";
Invest those dotcom dollars now.
September 25, 2000   $name = "cafdrink.com";
The User Friendly crossover. (Hey, we could've called it Disco Puppy.)
October 9, 2000   $name = "Not Available in Stores";
Jane helps put the sch in kitsch.
October 23, 2000   $name = "We Can't Rewind";
I met your children/ What did you tell them?
November 6, 2000   $name = "Sick";
It's just the sniffles, really.
November 27, 2000   $name = "That Bind";
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
December 25, 2000   $name = "Season's Greetings, And So Forth";
December 27, 2000   $name = "Sugar Daddy";
January 22, 2001   $name = "Mild at Heart";
February 28, 2001   $name = "We're On Hiatus, But...";

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