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May 28, 1999: Hunting and Gathering (Day 5)
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May 27, 1999

May 31, 1999

Waiting for Bob: 19990528
Story begins May 24, 1999
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What's up and hot

It's been in the works for a while, but it looks like Monday will be the day we launch our complete site redesign. Most of the hard parts (read: making the daily comic page work) are done, and now we're just filling in the last few holes and duct taping the holes that we can't fill. On Monday, everything you see on the site now should work, but you can expect a few "Coming Soon" signs to be posted here and there.

One neat thing about the redesign: we finally have a spot to show an ad. Yes, we're entering the commercial era where we want the site to pay its own way, or at least lose money slowly. We love doing the comic, but we also love getting money. Being able to love both at the same time would be absolutely perfect. As well as polyamorous.

Your mission, Mr. Phelps...

That's why we'd like to ask a teeny favor of you. Over the weekend, we'd like it if you told just one person about this site and pointed them here. A good link to mail them is this link to the very first comic, where they can read in order from day one. They read, they love, they get addicted, they come back on Monday, they thank you for enriching their life. What could be better?

(You ever have one of those days? The original URL above didn't work, because Doug's development system uses a different file extension. Now it does work. But at least we had an attractive 404 page, right?)

And as always, keep those cards and letters coming.

-Doug and Kat

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