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July 7, 1999: Cross Check (Day 3)
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Jul 6, 1999

Jul 8, 1999

Waiting for Bob: 19990707
Story begins July 5, 1999
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Syndication-Proof Humor, Part 1

Next week is our mega-spiffy summer event, a crossover with the mega-spiffy comic strip Bobbins. Read either strip and be entertained, or read both and be knocked out by a ten-strip comic extravaganza*!

* (Your mileage may vary. Packaged by volume, not weight. Actual model does not include working engine. Contains fissionable materials, not for export.)

Syndication-Proof Humor, Part 2

Yes, Mozilla Dot Org is real. So is the party.

Meanwhile, Jim Davis had Odie sitting on a stool when Garfield said "Sit!", and he's not only syndicated, he's rich.

I don't want to think about that any more.

- Doug

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