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July 16, 1999: Going West (Day 5)
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Jul 15, 1999

Jul 19, 1999

Waiting for Bob: 19990716
Story begins July 12, 1999
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Part 10
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All good things

Wow, has it been a week already? It seems like only seven days ago Sean and Bernie had arrived in England, and now it's time for them to go back home. (Sniff, sniff.)

Thanks to John A. over at Bobbins for being part of this goofy little experience, and to Jon Rosenberg, goatherd extraordinaire, for mentioning our little adventure on his site. (And I'd like to thank my producer, and my agent, and God....) It's been a blast, and we hope y'all had even a quarter as much fun as we did.

New comic on Monday, folks! See you then!

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