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August 6, 1999: Back at the Ranch (Day 15)
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Aug 5, 1999

Aug 9, 1999

Waiting for Bob: 19990806
Story begins July 19, 1999
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Happy 15/26th Birthday to us!

Today is our 150th strip!

We've come quite a long way from that first strip. We were still getting to know our characters, a process that's still going on. Hell, for a while we didn't even know what Jane did for a living (not that it matters now....). It's been a blast so far, and we've got no plans to stop anytime soon!

While we're gushing, we'll thank You-The-Readers (at least 400 of you every day!), our peers in the Web Comics Mafia (you know who you are), and the good people at Illuminati Online who both put up with Doug's panicky phone calls when there are technical problems and make sure that those calls were very rare events.

Here's to the next hundred fifty!

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