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October 18, 1999: Work Buy Consume Die (Day 6)
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Oct 15, 1999

Oct 19, 1999

Waiting for Bob: 19991018
Story begins October 11, 1999
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The most important invention in the history of man

First there was the lava lamp. It was cool, and was even cooler when you were stoned watching it in the dark.

Then there was the Silicon Graphics line of workstations. It was cool, unless you wanted a UNIX whose desktop environment looked like it had nothing at all to do with weird drugs.(1)

Now the two have been put together at lavarand, where Silicon Graphics workstations with digital cameras use lava lamps to generate random numbers.

It also writes poetry, and apparently reads minds, because this is the first haiku it spit out for us:

dark bravely two fry
protoplasm yuk-inspiring
thankfully slacker

Is that apropos(2) or what?

- Doug, king of lava

1. Part two in our series of making fun of companies whose employees read Waiting for Bob.

2. Especially the part about protoplasm.

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