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October 19, 1999: Work Buy Consume Die (Day 7)
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Oct 18, 1999

Oct 20, 1999

Waiting for Bob: 19991019
Story begins October 11, 1999
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More on lava...

The first lava lamp I ever saw was at my great-aunt Helen's house, sometime in the 1970s. I was enthralled by this strange object sitting atop the TV, with its blobs of red goo floating in glowing yellow liquid. I couldn't quite figure out what its purpose was.

Someone told me the name "lava lamp," and so my brain was able to register that okay, this was a fixture designed to give off light. Oh, but what a strange, marvelous and utterly impractical way it had of doing its job! I've been fascinated with lava lamps ever since.

They all but disappeared in the intervening years, until their recent retro-chic comeback. My in-laws gave me one as a birthday gift a while back. They weren't sure if I'd like it, but I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I displayed it proudly for a year or so, until the bulb burned out. I discovered that I had to break the bulb and pry it out with pliers in order to change it. Since I've put the new bulb in, it's worked intermittently.

Aunt Helen moved into a retirement home near me, and I recently visited her. There on her table was the same lava lamp she'd had 20 years ago, still in perfect working condition. They just don't make stuff like they used to.

- Katrin

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