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October 20, 1999: Work Buy Consume Die (Day 8)
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Oct 19, 1999

Oct 21, 1999

Waiting for Bob: 19991020
Story begins October 11, 1999
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The things you learn

As happens from time to time, today's strip is based on an actual conversation, of sorts. Fewer than a dozen people are laughing for an entirely different reason...let's just say you had to be there.

Of course, Katrin still isn't sure whether she should admit publicly that she also knows the Professor's character's real name on the show. Yes, he had one. Do you know what it was? Send us mail if you think you have the answer.

God bless the American educational system.

Linked, yet morally ambiguous

You like Goats. We like Goats, and we liked it even before Jon Rosenberg decided we were the strip of the week. If you're here via Jon's strip, welcome; if you haven't checked out Jon's strip, do it now.

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