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December 31, 1999: Hitting the Road (Day 10)
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Dec 30, 1999

Jan 3, 2000

Waiting for Bob: 19991231
Story begins December 20, 1999
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Broken By Design

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(Broken By Design? What's that?)


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What a trip...

Kat says:

So I was thinking yesterday while drawing this strip, Wow. I can't believe I've done 255 of these things already.

And then of course my thoughts went off on all sorts of maudlin little tangents. Like how for 10 years or so I hadn't drawn a thing, and I'd finally just accepted the fact that I would never be any kind of artist and headed back to school to figure out how to do something else. Then one day last fall I reluctantly went to a concert (I hadn't listened to any music for myself in years either) - and I heard sounds that compelled me to go home and make some art. And then make some more.

At that same concert I was introduced to this brilliant nut from Saskatchewan. We got to chatting on IRC in the following weeks, and he mentioned he'd always wanted to write a comic but needed someone to draw. I said I'd always wanted to draw a comic but needed someone to write. And the rest as they say yadda yadda.

It's been a year of continually re-discovering how it's all interconnected. The people, the places, the words and ideas and pictures and songs...there are little bits of wonder where you least expect them, and once you start noticing them they can't help but multiply and build on one another. All of a sudden you're finding parts of life that you'd forgotten existed. I'm looking forward to another year of the same.

Anyway, that's my New Year's wish to all of you out there. Find something, whatever it might be, that inspires you to create - grab hold of that bit of wonder and run with it wherever it takes you. And then do it some more.

Doug says:

To balance out what Kat wrote, I feel like I should say something smarmy and pessimistic like "Here's hoping that in the inevitable Y2K-induced societal collapse, you eat only the best shoes and the least-diseased rats."

But I'm a relentless optimist (and as those who know me have just seen, a good liar), so I won't say anything like that.

So there.

Happy 2000.

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