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March 3, 2000: Chocolate Eclair (Day 5)
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Mar 2, 2000

Mar 6, 2000

Waiting for Bob: 20000303
Story begins February 28, 2000
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El niño ya viene, y su nombre es...

Thanks to all of you who wrote in guessing names for Rhonda's baby. We really were having a tough time coming up with one, and up to the last minute, Kat was willing to go with anyone's suggestion that sounded really great...but she ended up using her original idea, cheap as it is.

We're sure you're all dying to know the wonderful suggestions we got. They included George Paul John Ringo (that's all one name), Randall, Moses, Hugo, Not-That-Josh, Krakinole, Avon Judy Twistolive-Placebo, Coco Eclair, Rupert, Rufus Higgenbotham, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Geoffrey, Chowder, Byron, Bunz, Clarence, Ron, Gabriel Michael, John-Boy, Jonathan Edward, Ichabod Sebastian, and "Uh, I Forgot".

Readers who know us a little too well suggested Larry Boniface Clebdon, Cedric, B.J., Murray, and three votes for Dave (which was actually in the running as a middle name, but the kid missed sharing a birthday with him by one day).

"Sean Jr." was way out of the question, and for those of you who contributed Barbara Ann, Shawnda, and Rosemary, we did already establish that the baby was a boy. Or did you know that and were just being extra cruel?

Only three people had the nerve to guess "Bob"...and at least one of them already owns our t-shirt. (But speaking of which, does anyone besides us remember Brent Spiner as the hillbilly from Yugoslavia on Night Court?)

After much deliberation and consultation, we've declared Rai Paladin (if that is, in fact, your name) the winner. Kat liked the many Bob-variations as well as Byron, and Doug was partial to "Chowder." Normal people do not name their children after food. Or so says Doug, who still won't speak to his cousin Bananabread.

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