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March 10, 2000: Earworm (Day 5)
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Mar 9, 2000

Mar 13, 2000

Waiting for Bob: 20000310
Story begins March 6, 2000
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Broken By Design

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(Broken By Design? What's that?)


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New feature

We're trying out a new poll script that Doug wrote. Please mail him if it does something unexpected on you.

And in more Doug news...

He's got the whole world in his hand

Well, maybe not the whole world. Just a Palm IIIxe. Doug is finally replacing the old PalmPilot Personal (no link, it's that old) that he got in 1998. The new, shiny, candy-like IIIxe has eight megs of RAM, a built-in web browser, and can be used as a TV remote control. Truly, it goes to eleven.

Tune in for future updates on Doug's consumerist life, and find out how good an online store is Cyberian Outpost.

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