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April 17, 2000: Supply and Demand (Day 11)
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Apr 14, 2000

Apr 18, 2000

Waiting for Bob: 20000417
Story begins April 3, 2000
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Mercenary considerations...

This week's poll is serious, for a change. We'd like to do some newer merchandise, and we want to hear what you'd like to see on it. So take a moment to tell us what character you'd like to see on a "solo" shirt, and pass on any other comments to letters@waitingforbob.com.

...and a nostalgia invasion

Summarizing last week's poll is easy: there was nothing wrong with the 1980s except the politics, the music, the technology, the clothes, and the decade. We asked you to choose the worst legacy of the 80s.

Among the choices in the list, mad 80s hair barely beat out New Coke for the championship. (Although it must be said that mad 80s hair had its defenders, while nobody said anything good about New Coke.)

We also had these miscellaneous contributions on what made the 80s the decade that came before the glorious, glorious 90s:

  • Politics: the national deficit and the Reagan Revolution
  • Music: Michael Jackson and New Kids on the Block
  • Technology: Microsoft's rise to power, the cold fusion fiasco, the Challenger disaster
  • Clothes: Day-Glo, parachute pants
  • "Tackiness"
  • Disco music (not Disco)

But the last word really has to go to Lisa:

everything about the 80's ruled.
you all are smoking crack.

Truly, a beacon for our times.

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