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May 25, 2000: The Most Dangerous Game (Day 4)
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May 24, 2000

May 26, 2000

Waiting for Bob: 20000525
Story begins May 22, 2000
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Poll results

It's East victorious over West by a slim margin, 193-180. And you made sure to tell us why:

  • "We have NYC. Nuff said."
  • "Cuz it does not contain California."
  • "Because our ocean is on the correct side, [and] all the coolest bands tour here extensively"
  • "East coast rocks. Mustard v. mayo. Need I say more?"

But that's not to say that the Pacific doesn't have its defenders...

  • "We have the bigger mountains (hence more rocks). We have more earthquakes (the ground rocks more)."
  • Similarly, "Earthquakes, silly. ;-)"
  • "Ain't no party like a WEST coast party, cause a WEST coast party don't stop."
  • "West coast ... because I live there."
  • And in a final display of completeness: "west coast rocks cause of the beaches and the skiing in the sierras and the silicon valley and san francisco and los angeles and seattle and stuff"

But then, there are always malcontents, out to rock the boat.

  • "North! The coastline along those inland freshwater seas which separate us from Canada. Too many odd folk on the East and West Coasts."
  • "Again the best choice is missing. I pick the middle coast (those tropical beaches of Lake Michigan)."
  • "Long live the midwest!"
  • "The Texas Gulf coast. Padre Island. Corpus Christi. 'Nuff said."

(Gosh, random boldface makes me feel just like Aaron Barnhart.)

Meanwhile, this week's poll shows that Doug wasted far too much of his youth. But then, didn't we all, on something or other?

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