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June 9, 2000: The Most Dangerous Game (Day 15)
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Jun 8, 2000

Jun 12, 2000

Waiting for Bob: 20000609
Story begins May 22, 2000
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Broken By Design

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I had something else to say, and Doug didn't have anything else to say right now, so I was going to take over today's rant. And then I had to go and read Doug's rant from yesterday, which got me thinking on a couple of tangents and gave me a new subject to rant about.

Like Doug, I love food. We're a pro-food comic here. And like him, I also love Starbucks. Now I've heard all the anti-Starbucks propaganda. But the fact is that they're well-nigh ubiquitous, which makes it damned convenient for coffee addicts like me to get our fix whenever the jones strikes us.

Big, bad and corporate? Overpriced, with lackluster quality? Sure, I won't argue that. But see, in addition to their omnipresence (no less than five locations in a narrow swath of downtown Denver alone), the bottom line is that they have what I want. I don't drink milk, and Big Bad Corporate Starbucks is one of the few places where no matter what town I'm in, I can get my life-sustaining Triple Venti Soy Latte. As soon as other places start serving those, I'll start giving them my business. Independent coffee shop owners, take note. Until then, the logo on my cup will be half-fish, half-girl.

I like Pizza Hut too, in theory. As I mentioned above, I don't do dairy products (for health reasons, not political ones, if you must know). So a nice cheesy pizza's kind of out of the question for me. But when I used to eat 'em, Pizza Hut pizza, specifically the stuffed-crust kind, was my gooey indulgence of choice. I have been known to refuse a slice of Domino's on moral grounds (but that's a different rant). My sister used to work at a Pizza Hut. And she'll still eat there. I think that always says a lot about an eating establishment.

What's my point? I guess it's that even if some companies do sacrifice quality and originality in favor of uniformity and market share, it still boils down to a matter of choice. Drink the corporate coffee, wait 'til you get to an independent shop, or brew your own for the road. Eat all the cheese you want if you can stomach it. It's a free country. I mean, it's two free countries. Do what you think is right, but don't force your preferences on others. And if you disagree with any of this, well, all I can say is Happy birthday.

- Katrin

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