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June 13, 2000: The Most Dangerous Game (Day 17)
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Jun 12, 2000

Jun 14, 2000

Waiting for Bob: 20000613
Story begins May 22, 2000
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There was a commercial in my home town for a while that first made me scream at the TV, and then made me want to call the station and complain. A slickly produced regional spot for a big-name dairy company, it featured two little girls (about 7 or 8 years old) wearing swimsuits and having a tea party with ice cream.

First girl: "Have you seen Amanda lately? She has just blimped out! I can't believe someone could just let herself go like that!...More ice cream, dear?"

Second girl: "Oh, really, darling, I mustn't! I have to be able to fit into my new bathing suit, you know."

First girl: "Don't worry, this is So&So's light ice cream! It has no fat and a third fewer calories, so you can enjoy all you want!"

Apparently enough people had the same reaction that I didn't have to get around to calling - the commercial aired a couple of times, and then mysteriously vanished.

I wondered how anyone in that enlightened age (late 1980s or so) could have found this ad not insulting, offensive and damaging even for a minute. I still wonder that. But then I remember how long "Cathy" has been syndicated. Don't get me started (oops, too late).

- Katrin

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