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July 24, 2000: Pass the Ketchup (Day 6)
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Jul 21, 2000

Jul 25, 2000

Waiting for Bob: 20000724
Story begins July 17, 2000
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Time to move on

Just a reminder... Friday the 21st marks our last Broken By Design at Web Review. It's been a great run (34 weekly comics, with two weeks off) and we've gotten to work with several great people on the way, so we're not too disappointed.

If you aren't a regular Waiting for Bob reader and want us to let you know any Broken news, please drop Doug an email. It's not quite a mailing list, but it'll serve its purpose.

Poll results

In our poetry form poll, free verse
which doesn't rhyme or have any meter whatsoever
won. It got one hun-
dred sixty-two votes.

Haiku is second;
one hundred twenty-three votes
For Japanese stuff.

And I'm not even going to try to write a sonnet, a limerick, or an ad jingle. Especially since "ad jingle" lost out to "poetry is for losers".

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