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August 14, 2000: 1D (Day 6)
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Aug 11, 2000

Aug 15, 2000

Waiting for Bob: 20000814
Story begins August 7, 2000
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The fine arts

If your city is having a fringe theater festival in the near future (which probably means you live in Edmonton or Vancouver), may I recommend the following really neat shows:

  • Sabotage, a surrealist skit comedy show with lots of improv. It's produced by a theater company from New Mexico.
  • 52 Pickup, 52 short scenes from the beginning to end of a relationship, acted in a different order each time.
  • Hotel California, wherein a Belgian assassin learns that his true calling is the cabaret.

If you go see any of 'em, be sure to let the crew know that Waiting for Bob sent you. :-)

New poll, finally!

In the interests of honesty, this week's poll is another of the "market research" types instead of the "fun and wacky" types. (Got an idea for a fun poll? Let me know.) We like the postcard server, and want to know if you use it, and how we could make it better....

The poll which we've been running for approximately the past eight months, about the number of other comics y'all read, had about the results you'd expect. More than half of you read at least five other comics, 25% read three to five others, and out of all 924 responses, 31 of you are either incredibly loyal (aw), or haven't been to our links page or Fleen yet.

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