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October 2, 2000: cafdrink.com (Day 6)
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Sep 29, 2000

Oct 3, 2000

Waiting for Bob: 20001002
Story begins September 25, 2000
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Onward and upward!

It's the second week of our User Friendly crossover, and aside from some network troubles over the weekend, all goes according to plan.

At least, once the plan was amended to read "Bring down server with massive UFie clickthrough sometime around 10am Monday morning." That one little edit meant everything worked like a charm.

Thanks to everyone who's written, and we hope we've gotten back to all of you.

Poll results

Higher, faster, stronger... eventually.

The Olympics ended yesterday with something that can only be described as Huh?, as Greek priestesses (who were actually drama and dance students portraying Greek priestesses, unless they were actors portraying drama and dance students) engaged in an interpretive dance intended to demonstrate that the ancient Greeks practiced a religion that looked a lot like a Stevie Nicks video. This is one event where the color commentary hindered, rather than helped, understanding of what was on the flickering image box.

One major difference between my understanding and that of the majority of our respondents is that I watched the Olympic closing ceremonies live on CBC during just two of its 26,528 hours of late-night coverage. All hail the CBC, friend to insomniacs and table tennis partisans everywhere!

And it appears that a lot of you wish you could hail the CBC... Of our 1,351 respondents (a record, in case you were curious), a full 754 selected "Stupid NBC" as the best summary of this, the Twenty-Somethingth Olympiad. I say twenty-somethingth with good reason, because the second-favorite response, with 420 votes, was "Augh, shut up!" (A mere 177 responded with cheers of "Yay!", and one person wrote to ask that we add a "Huh" option.)

So now, let's all just settle back and look forward to the Salt Lake City games, where, if history is any guide, we'll learn that the principal industries of Utah are choirs, not drinking alcohol, and the Osmonds. Oh, and every single athlete there overcame abusive parents, broken spines, dandruff, the jitters, nervous hysteria, cancer, bankruptcy, Chomskyism, and an attack by wild boars - but they survived, because they have the Olympic spirit. Man, I can't wait!

No, wait, I can.

This week, we resolve for all time the most ancient of philosophical dilemmas. We may also serve pie.

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