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November 7, 2000: Sick (Day 2)
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Nov 6, 2000

Nov 8, 2000

Waiting for Bob: 20001107
Story begins November 6, 2000
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Poll results!

So, where do you get your news?

Most of you (391) get it from the Internet, though we didn't ask where. (Perhaps that's for the best, though.)

Newspapers (80) and conspiracy freaks (79) were just about equally popular. You can draw your own joke about that one; we suggest a Crazy Person (you can tell because they're dressed like Napoleon) wearing a tinfoil hat with a press card tucked in its shiny brim.

Television wasn't very popular; network news, with 20 votes, and cable news, with 13 votes, were the two least-favored news sources. What's the frequency, Kenneth? Apparently not as frequent as it used to be.

And finally, 131 of you get your news from the most important television program, ever. Our (tinfoil) hat is off to Jon Stewart at The Daily Show, and those of you with broadband connections can get informed every night in RealVideo.

This week...

...a poll about the election would just lead to bitterness, regret, and harsh words, so instead, we're asking about snack foods.

(Late breaking news: when you get two pieces of email in ten minutes asking where salt and chocolate are, you give the people their salt and chocolate. Now don't ever say I've done nothing for you.)

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