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November 13, 2000: Sick (Day 6)
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Nov 10, 2000

Nov 14, 2000

Waiting for Bob: 20001113
Story begins November 6, 2000
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And now, a word about the election


And now, poll results

(A note to folks who use AvantGo to read the comic: we're working on a way to let you vote in the polls too. Hopefully, we can have something for you this week.)

We asked what's inside the ideal snack food, and thanks to the wisdom of Rachel Hartman, the last-minute addition of chocolate won the day with 168 votes (out of a total of 692). Combine it with the second- and third-place finishers, sugar and cheez, and you're sure to have something utterly disgusting (though, if our experience with Caf! is any guide, at least five of you will now write us to share your favorite obscure chocolate-and-cheez snack foods).

At the bottom of the list we find grease, preservatives, and vitamins. There probably isn't a product with a name like Nutrisludge or Healthgoo, and that's probably the reason why.

This week, since we know what we're eating, we should know what we're drinking too. Pick your favorite pop color!

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