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November 20, 2000: Sick (Day 11)
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Nov 17, 2000

Nov 21, 2000

Waiting for Bob: 20001120
Story begins November 6, 2000
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Poll results

(Palm folks, I got caught up with work and haven't had a chance to complete the polling script for AvantGo, but I have made the current poll and its results available. I'll keep you updated!)

As Dan Rather might say, this poll had a result closer than a too-tight bathing suit working its way through a trailer park while eating an enchilada the size of a haymaker from Kansas. Because, you know, Dan Rather's not right in the head.

The ideal soft drink color, according to 166 of 752 responses, is clear. This may or may not be a ringing endorsement for grape-flavored Jolt, but since grape-flavored Jolt is both Jolty and grapeish and both these things are good, I choose to interpret it that way.

Iconoclasts and argumentative types may point out that since black (with 106 votes) and brown (with 161 votes) are confusingly similar, clear in fact has no real mandate.

But we still don't care about Florida.

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