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December 20, 2000: That Bind (Day 16)
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Dec 18, 2000

Dec 22, 2000

Waiting for Bob: 20001220
Story begins November 27, 2000
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Poll results

What's your favorite holiday food? Eggnog, of course! 291 out of 756 responses voted for everyone's favorite reason to bring some variety to the otherwise-monotonous dairy case. Beer was a close second with 219, gingerbread scored 173 votes, and even the much-maligned fruitcake got 73.

We also got some notes about the rich variety of Jewish holiday food. We agree with Valerie Kaplan and her recommendation of Hannukah gelt: everyone loves chocolate money, and Gail Gurman's passionate defense of latkes did not go unheeded.

What element are you?

Not many responses to our latest random question: if you were an element, what would your symbol be? We'll keep the lines open for another day on this one. So far, here's what we've got:

  • Jeff Zugale (Zg) is made entirely of Zugalium (zoo-gail'-ee-um), a "stranger-than-fiction rare element". Unless, of course, he is not.
  • Denton Froese (Na) wishes he was sodium: "Which leads me to the final reason -- the anthropomorphic phrasing of your question. If I actually *were* sodium, I'd have to be constantly covered in mineral oil, and always treated gently, out of both fear and respect. Not a bad way to live, hm?"
  • Michelle Huffman (Br) believes that "you are what you consume", and so her symbol, Br, represents a "pleasant mixture of hops and barley". (If Br is unavailable, she'll take Gn or Hp.) (Guinness or Harp, thanks for asking.)

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