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December 22, 2000: That Bind (Day 17)
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Dec 20, 2000

Dec 25, 2000

Waiting for Bob: 20001222
Story begins November 27, 2000
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More elements

As promised Wednesday, here's the rest of the answers to the element question:

  • Christian Adams (Pb): "With the symbol (Pb) signifying my usual Element of in the Pub, I guess I'm easily lead."
  • Greg Stephens (Kr) mentions that he's already an element on the periodic table of web comics, but "[i]f I were an actual element (rather than some comic-strippy-type element), I'd hope that I could be Krypton (Kr), due to the fact that under our Earth's yellow sun, I would be granted powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. (Hmm. That's not actually very much less comic-y is it? Ah well.)"
  • Jim Grey (Ne): "I'd be Ne, because I blink a lot."
  • Michael Moore (Py): "Michael(aka Bob, aka The Unstablist)Moore symbol(Py-Psychotium) element number 435, stable only in the presence of a computer with DSL connection or better." Michael also mentions that Br is not beer, but bromine.
  • Craig Clark (Ml): "If I were an element, it would definitely have to be Mallardium (Ml). This not only because of my affinity for ducks, but also because of my usually dormant sense of optimism. No matter how bad things get or how depressed I get, I know that somewhere off in the distance things will be a lot more ducky for me, and that's what keeps me going."
  • Ben Ostrowsky: "Er... I Am BeN, SeNoR nOsY! (Erbium, Iodine, Americium, Beryllium, Nitrogen, Selenium, Nobelium, Radon, Osmium, Yttrium.)"
  • Kym Lindsey: "Au, of course."
  • John Emerson (H2O), iconoclast that he is, "would be water, cause it can change to any state when it wants to, and i never have any clue what state i am in, that of course is due to confusion, but you get my point.....right?" Why be one element when you can be two?
  • Clint Weathers (Zr): "One of the heavy metals, I am entirely made up of 'ZenRhinoium' (Zr). ZenRhinoium has properties that at time appear very similar to Shaftium (Cd - for Can You Diggit?), BamBamBigelum (Bb), Hoteieum (Fc - for Fat guy from the Chinese restaurant everyone thinks is Buddha), and Geekium (Pc). Of course, observing ZenRhinoium can change its properties, so you never know what you'll get."
    (Actually, it's a little unsettling how much thought Clint put into that.)
  • Matthew Bevan (Cc): "I would be Cc (Coca-colium), Pb (Penut-butterium), or Pa (Partium)."
  • Valerie Kaplan (Wr): "I think I would be Wr: weiridium. This rhymes with iridium, which is precious, resistant to corrosion, and colorful. Weiridium is quite similar, except that the colors are, in all likelihood, polka-dot."

Our readers are the cleverest things on earth. :-)

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