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January 8, 2001: Sugar Daddy (Day 8)
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Jan 5, 2001

Jan 9, 2001

Waiting for Bob: 20010108
Story begins December 27, 2000
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ISP problems

(Update 4am EST)

Sigh... Katrin's ISP is acting up, so tomorrow's comic will be delayed a while. "A while", of course, is a technical term meaning "however long it takes them to fix the damned thing", and that could be a few hours or it could be all night. We apologize for the delay.

Still no news as of 4:00. We'll see if things are any better in the morning.

Poll results

Writin', 31. 'Rithmetic, 144. Readin', 195. None of 'em, 92.

Now, we must decide: since it's no longer about the Benjamins, if it ever really was, what is it all about?

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