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December 30, 2001: We're On Hiatus, But... (Day 3)
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Jun 12, 2001

Mar 24, 2002

Waiting for Bob: 20011230
Story begins February 28, 2001
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December 30, 2001: Another downtime, sigh

Our server somehow ran out of disk space this morning, so the site was producing really bad errors for a while. Our provider has fixed things and I'm going to go do some defensive programming in the meantime.

And for those who've asked as well as those who've not: we still don't want to set a date, but we are going to return. We're working on scripts and a site redesign, although my recent hard drive crash does mean the work has gotten a little more stalled than usual....

Hope y'all had a good holiday season. The little treat I mentioned on the 23rd will be along this week instead (see above, re: hard drive).

And welcome to 2002.

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